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Vinyl chloride is a multi-potential carcinogen meaning that it causes a wide variety of cancers in a wide variety of human and animal organ systems. Certain types of cancer and non-malignant disease have been clearly linked with occupational exposure to vinyl chloride. The malignant diseases that can be legally attributed to vinyl chloride exposure are usually limited to the following: angiosarcoma of the liver, any other primary liver cancer and biliary tract, primary brain cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, and in certain circumstances lung cancer, lymphoma, leukemia. The non-malignant diseases proven to result from vinyl chloride exposure are very often misdiagnosed or unappreciated and include "vinyl chloride disease", systemic sclerosis, acroosteolysis, scleroderma, Renauds Syndrome, and non-malignant liver disease. If you have been diagnosed with any of these diseases you may have legal rights that our office may be able to assist you in enforcing. However, with the single exception of angiosarcoma (which can legally be proven to result from environmental or "neighborhood" exposures to vinyl chloride resulting from the release of vinyl chloride from VCM or PVC plants) in our opinion it is still not legally possible to prove a case where the only exposure is from environmental, as opposed to occupational causes, or from the use of VCM containing aerosol propellants. If you believe you may have one of these vinyl chloride diseases please feel free to contact us at 1(337) 478-8888 or 1(800)256-1137.
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