In Lake Charles, LA, there are two facilities that manufacture VCM (PPG Industries and Condea Vista - formerly Conoco Chemicals and now Georgia Gulf). The types of workers at these plants involved in the manufacture and production of VCM include loaders, operators, maintenance people, pipe fitters, laborers, railroad workers, etc. The following cases are examples of the type of vinyl chloride litigation in which our office has been involved. Please note that the McKinley and Zerby cases are pending in Ashtabula, Ohio and Wilmington, Delaware respectively. Although the lawyers in our office are only licensed to practice in Texas and Louisiana, if you live in another state we may be able to represent you through co-counsel agreements with lawyers in your own area. This is a common practice in complicated cases like these.

Ross v. Conoco

After over twenty years of employment at Conoco Chemicals and Condea Vista, Dan Ross became ill and was subsequently diagnosed with brain cancer. Our law firm, in late 1990, filed a lawsuit, Ross v. Conoco, naming Dan's former employers as liable for his personal injury as a result of alleged intentional tort and negligence. Through the process of discovery, documents depicting the vinyl industry's activities were produced. These documents, and similar documents produced after Plaintiffs amended their lawsuit to add members and former members of the vinyl industry, form the basis for allegations of an alleged four-decade-long conspiracy to conceal the true nature and degree of the hazards posed by exposure to VCM.

McKinley v. Gencorp

In another case in Ohio, McKinley v. Gencorp, the Court entered an Order requiring Plaintiffs to prepare a conspiracy case statement to describe in detail the acts of the industry members from the late fifties to the mid-nineties. This Order resulted in Plaintiffs' submission of Plaintiffs' Disclosure Statement and Plaintiffs' First Supplemental Statement in which we attempted to describe, in detail, the facts allegedly giving rise to their conspiracy claim. (Readers desiring documentation are invited to use the Environmental Working Group's excellent search engine: